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Kate Atherley

Lynne Barr

Lynne is a very fashion forward designer with a very distinctive creative direction.  She shared her very gift for technical construction knitting that is both visionary and extremely wearable which she has become known for in the knitting industry.   Her beautiful garments and accessories are demonstrated in her two most recent publications, The Shape of Knitting, (Stewart, Tabori and Chang 2013) and Reversible Knitting (Stewart, Tabori and Change 2009).  Check out her designs on Ravelry


Beth Brown-Reinsel

Katharine Cobey

Teva Durham

Teva is a nationally recognized creator and designer of Loop-d-Loop.com and the Loop-d-Loop series of books.  She joined us for our 2011 Monhegan Island Adventure and taught from her latest book, Loop-d-Loop Lace..  Known for her designs that are '...edgy and urban with an organic, knitterly twist', her creativity knows no bounds.


Julia Farwell-Clay

Norah Gaughan

Norah, is an internationally renown designer and knitting instructor who is known for her unique style and techniques of cables, twists, baubles, and circles.  After many years of working in the knitwear industry Norah now works independently as a Design Consultant for Brooklyn Tweed from her design studio in New Hampshire. 

Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton

Cornelia brings a breadth of experience and talent with her that few can match.  Her career in the knitting industry has spanned continents and three decades.  She has published over 14 knitting books including Noro: Meet the Man (Soho Publishing, Fall of 2009). Recent work includes booklets, Reflections andWindfall, plus an e-book called Diversions, featuring the Poems Collection from Universal Yarn.

Bristol Ivy

After working as a Design Consultant for Brooklyn Tweed, Bristol launched an independent design career based in Portland, Maine teaching from coast-to-coast and in Europe. She is a prolific designer whose work focuses on the intersection between classic tailoring and innovative technique, creating a unique and wearable aesthetic while maintaining knitterly appeal.

Rachel Kahn

Rachel, also known as The Vermont Knitter focuses her considerable talent on creating one-of-a-kind art pieces.  True to her moniker she uses only locally raised and sustainably produced fibers from New England farms and shepherds.  Her work reflects a long standing exploration of historical and traditional knitted forms, texture and color in a contemporary form, the hat.  Rachel is a juried artist member of the Collective Gallery, the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen and Vermont HandCrafters, and a Designer/Teacher member of the Knitting Guild of America. 

Patty Lyons

Susan Mills

Susan has been a longtime friend, guest designer and participant with K&YA.She came to us as an accomplished knitwear designer and Design Director for Classic Elite Yarns.  

Under her guidance we enjoyed technique based classes that focused mittens, scarves, and hats in combinations of lace, cables, and textures.  The beauty of her classes were their suitability for not only the novice knitter but the most advanced as well with endless variations and combinations through charts, graphs, and text.  We learned how to create our own designs and patterns through texture and color combinations. She kept us in touch with the latest news straight from the industry front and delighted us with a Classic Elite photo shoot right on Monhegan Island.


Cathy Payson

Cathy has joined us numerous times in both Maine and Vermont.  She is the Design Director of Reynolds, JCA, and is well recognized in the handknitting world for her beautiful textural patterns geared towards real women.  Her designs are classic, inspiring, and easy to knit to fit all varieties of shapes and sizes.

Her work can now be seen on virtually every knit shop shelf in pattern books for the likes of Nashua Handknits as well as Classic Elite and Reynolds. She is also a frequent contributor to Interweave Knits. Over the years, Cathy has worked with Aarlan, Classic Elite Yarns, and Susan Bristol.


Kristen Tendyke

Lisa B. Evans

Lisa, of  Knitting and Yoga Adventures, Inc.,  became known in the handknitting industry for her colorful knitted designs with LBEvans Handknits.   Her work pushed the edge of traditional color knitting styles like intarsia, fair isle and striping techniques as shown in her co-authored book, Hip Graphic Knits (Quarry, 2006) and various Interweave and Nashua Handknits publications.  As an instructor, she focused on color knitting skills along with the elements and principles of design.