Julia Farwell-Clay!



     Julia...  brings with her a boundless curiosity in the way she explores knitting. You can see it in the patterns she writes—she’ll pull an idea from a Native American design motif or a science fiction novel or a length of handprinted fabric. Her distinctive patterns usually include graphic interest and a splash of color, blending traditional technique and modern elements. 


     As a former college teacher, Julia Farwell-Clay brings to her knitting students 30 years of knitting experience and a joyful enthusiasm for her craft.  As a blogger, writer, teacher, lecturer, designer, and catalyst in the knitting world, Julia has delved ever deeper into the world of textile traditions and personal decoration.

     Julia has created more than 70 patterns, and has been published as both a writer and a designer in Knitty, Interweave Knits, PomPom Quarterly, and Twist Collective. She is also a regular contributor at Mason Dixon Knitting. Her first book, From Folly Cove—twelve patterns and the stories of their inspirations based on the Folly Cove Designers—was published last year by Classic Elite Yarns.

     This weekend Julia will surely give us the perfect dose of inspiration and cheer we need late in the fall going into the holidays!

Also this year...

Holly Hofman... our beloved yoga instructor returns!  Once again we look forward to Holly's knowledgeable and thorough approach to her yoga practice and how she presents it with us.  If you have never practiced yoga or are an experienced yogi you will enjoy and learn from Holly's experienced instruction.

 This year's day trip...

     Every year we take a little ride out into the Vermont countryside to find interesting fiber haunts.  We've been on extensive yarn crawls, had mini-workshops at local shops, toured mills, held lambs.  This year's exploration is yet to be discovered.


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